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Deltarune Game Online Free

A great story of a student named Chris and his strange girlfriend named Susie. The meeting with the prince of darkness was decisive and marked the beginning of their adventures. From an old legend, they learn that they are light beings who are destined to stop the flow of darkness and save this small world.

How does this adventure begin?

The offer to create your own character at the beginning of the game is commonplace. You can choose a suitable name, create an image and even give your player some character traits. But will your own choice succeed? No one has yet managed to establish control over the main character. You get to schoolboy Chris, who is late for class.

He has to complete a project with his new partner Susie. Attempts to find the chalk in the pantry that their teacher sent them to get are futile, and they find themselves in a strange kingdom, wandering through an unknown portal. And now you have to complete your first task – Close the fountains to make it impossible to recharge the dark worlds.

Ultra-convenient management and storage

Play to experience all the delights of the development of Toby Fox, who made the impossible. It’s too hard to imitate another similar game and create something new that will interest users and make them fall in love with the characters and stay here.

Convenient movement and running system, new added combat function, alternative dialogue choices. Only your communication can lead you to alternative lines of events. If everything before that goes according to plan, then only 1 ending awaits you. The in-menu and the system for saving results will make the passage of this horror even more convenient.

What else might be useful?

Play, and at the same time do not forget to equip your character. Deltarune and Bad Time Simulator Offers a wide variety of items needed to progress. The main feature is the interaction with these items. Some of them you can use or throw away. You can wear different things to protect or defend your hero. You will also come across items that do not carry a special semantic load and are unusable, but may be useful to you to expose a variety of quests. Weapons and armor are also available for selection from the menu.

Combat system or what awaits us?

As you play, you will meet many different characters. Some of them will try to help you, but there will also be enemies with whom you will engage in various battles. They can appear out of nowhere, so you need to be always on the alert. The game offers many combat options, including different fighting styles or magic.

Spare your opponents or defend yourself and be sure to win. Do not break under the yoke of mysterious circumstances or unexpected decisions of your girlfriend, who still cannot decide on the side she supports.